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Dreaded Disease Cover

Some of life’s uncertainties can have a dramatic impact on you and your lifestyle. Consider how severe illnesses such as heart attacks, strokes and cancer happen without discrimination – think of the after-effects.

To help you prepare for life changing events such as these, Berkshire Solutions provides a choice of illness benefits (through an insurance policy) : core, comprehensive and extensive illness cover. These benefits provide cover for specified severe illnesses by paying a lump sum in the event of diagnosis or occurrence of such illnesses defined in the terms and conditions.

Why choose severe illness cover?

You know you’ll be paid what you expect – no excuses. An insurance policy from Berkshire Solutions will pay 100% for ALL four major diseases – heart attack, stroke, cancer, and coronary artery bypass surgery – at all four of the industry-standard severity levels defined, from mild to extreme.

  • 50% of heart attacks are mild/minor
  • 40% of strokes result in mild damage
  • 60% of cancers are stage 1

An insurance policy through Berkshire Solutions pays a 100% benefit in all the above cases where severity based products will pay significantly less.

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